IDS Capital investment process is multi-dimensional. At its core, the process represents the intersection of fundamental research and in depth risk management. 

The process is structured to be flexible in order to readily adapt to changing markets and deal with the liquidity differences of the assets we trade.
Portfolio construction is not influenced by a pre-determined bias. We begin with an agnostic view and allow the process to determine the appropriate bias at any point in time. We are continuously challenging our assumption to keep the process differentiated, sound, and focussed to ensure that it is repeatable.

Our investment process is an iterative one, supported by a number of steps that frame the lifecycle of an investment idea. It starts with the evaluation of investors' needs, followed by the identification of potential investments, the building of sound portfolios, and the monitoring of risk levels versus predetermined limits and targets.

Monitoring the various risk variables that affect the changes is essential. Our risk management is supported by a proprietary risk management system. This allows us to look at the risk of our portfolios at the position, strategy and total portfolio levels.
Another aspect of risk management resides in monitoring sentiments. As investors gather around a well recognized consensus, the risk of deception increases alongside with the downside and the liquidity risks. Through our global network of contacts, we are able to assess such risks and incorporate them in our investment process.

It is the assemblage of all the different aspects of our process that differentiates IDS Capital approach toward asset management.

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